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Attention Costa Mesa CA! Don’t Call Another Tree Service Company about Your Tree Removal Project Before You Read This

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A tree in one’s backyard has many purposes. It can instantly add a layer of style to your property, be a source of shade, and if it has been there for a while and has survived with different generations of your household, it can be an interesting conversation piece and hold a sentimental value.

A tree can be family so we understand if you feel reluctant to let go of such a treasured piece but if it is already showing signs of aging or decay, you might have to let a professionally trained arborist check if it is still safe to keep it.

Other than aging, any tree that is close to your house must be inspected for clearing because a tree that is near your property can gradually foster the growth of mold eventually causing damage to your structure.

A tree that is close to power lines must also be considered for removal because it could disrupt power supply or internet performance. Keep in mind that when you are dealing with tree removal due to safety reason such as the ones mentioned, it’s not advisable to attempt do it yourself.

Do You Need a Tree Removal Permit in Costa Mesa CA?

Having a skilled tree removal pro to inspect your tree is just the beginning of the task. Did you know that certain species of trees needs consent from authorities to be taken down? In Costa Mesa, CA for example, the local government requires anyone to acquire an approval from them in case they are to take down a tree of the Quercus (oak), Schinus (pepper), and Platanus (sycamore) variations.

If you are to work on any oak tree that is twenty five (25) inches or bigger in circumference or any pepper and sycamore tree variety that is (50) inches or bigger, you would need to fill in and submit the Specimen Tree Removal Permit to the city’s Planning Services Division.

A tree removal service provider like Costa Mesa Tree Service Pros can support you both with regard to defining if it is actually time to have your tree cut, as well as getting the tree removal permit.

How to Find a Good Tree Removal Service Company in Costa Mesa, CA (Hint – Not All Tree Service Companies Serving Costa Mesa CA are Created Equal)

tree service costa mesa caAs you look for tree removal services, you will encounter many tree service providers in Costa Mesa that offer a considerably lower pricing on tree services. Try to ponder first how they can manage to offer such cheap deals before you jump on it. For your safety, before that start the tree removal make sure they carry business insurance.

If they do not, why would you even consider doing a potentially dangerous chore that is tree removal without protection? The amount that you will be saving up can easily is not worth the risk if say your tree service provider accidentally drop a 30-pound branch on your roof or any other facility in the surrounding area and you will have to pay for repaire.

Other than the insurance coverage, there are other factors to consider when choosing the right tree removal service provider in Costa Mesa CA such as:

1. How long have you been in the tree service business?
2. Can you provide me with a list of references?
3. Are you a member of any local or national tree service associations?
4. Will you provide me with a detailed estimate in writing?

Costa Mesa Tree Services Pros answers yes to these questions so look no further! Call the local tree service pros and we will get the job done right the first time.

Why Choose Costa Mesa Tree Service Pros for Your Tree Removal Job

removing trees in costa mesa ca

Costa Mesa Tree Services Pros is not a franchise. We are a local local tree service company that offers tree trimming and tree removal services to residents of Costa Mesa CA and the surrounding areas.

When you call us for we will discuss what you end goal is and suggest a few ways it could be accomplish. We will also give you an initial tree service estimate over the phone but for a detailed one will need to schedule an on-site visit because no two tree service jobs are the same.

Through our more than 3o years in the tree service business we have seen pretty much everything when it comes to tree removal so we are pretty sure we can help you too. And of course, we are insured for your peace of mind.

Here’s what you could expect if you decide to hire us for your tree removal project:

1. Access and marking out where all utilities are near the tree to be removed.
2. Cleaning and spraying of areas next to extraction area to prevent any further decay
3. Removal of branches from each tree and stripping them of other smaller ones as well
4. Sawing down the tree stump from top to bottom.
5. Removal of the tree stump and other underground stump branch out areas.

Got some specific requests? Sure, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate them.

Many poorly trained or inexperienced tree service providers providers will make a mess in the are where the tree is and leave branches and twigs lying around after the job is done. With Costa Mesa Tree Services Pro, you do not have to worry about cleanup because we clean as we work.

Tree Removal Cost in Costa Mesa CA

costa mesa tree removalWill all want to know how much it will cost in order to budget. The reality is that no one knows without visiting the site. When it comes to pricing the job there are factors such as location, sizes of the tree, difficulty and further requirements from the customer that will determine the cost of tree removal.

Stump Removal and Grinding Service Cost in Costa Mesa, CA

One important thing to keep in mind is that the stump removal and grinding are not included in the price of the tree removal. It’s best to leave that to the company you hired to do the removal. In case you don’t want to do that you can rent equipment and try to do it yourself, which we won’t recommend you doing.

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