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Attention! Do NOT Call Another Tree Trimming and Pruning Company Before You Read This

If you live in Costa Mesa and need a good company to have your trees trimmed, you’ll want to read this, it will save you not only headaches but potentially a lot of money, too.

stump removalYou see, not all providers are created equal. As with everything else some of them are better than others. Why’s that? Simply because all you need to get into the tree service business is a truck and a chain saw.

And because of the low barrier of entry a lot of people give it a shot. I mean, if everyone and their brother is offering it they could do too, right. Actually no and here’s why it’s important that you hire the right contractor next time you need tree trimming service in Costa Mesa.

The problem is that when you are brand new business and no one knows your name the only way to compete with the already established businesses is to charge less.

But to charge less and stay in businesses these budding entrepreneurs save on things like business insurance. And guess who’s going to pay if they damage your or your neighbor’s property? That’s right you, because they carry no insurance.

You can sue them, but even if you won, you would have a hard time collecting. That’s why the best way to avoid hassle is to deal with businesses that are bonded, insured and have been around for a long time.

Telltale Signs You Need Us

Regular tree trimming and thinning is important, no doubt about it. It keeps trees resistant and reduces damages from potential storms. In addition, it helps sustain tree’s health and retain its natural appearance.

It’s all good but how to tell if your trees need it? Below you will find five signs that indicate that it’s time to seek help from a professional company.

  1. If your trees are close to power lines they need to be trimmed.
  2. If the tree’s brunches are touching your home you need to call for help.
  3. If there are dead or loose hanging branches it’s time to call a professional trimmer
  4. If your trees have not been trimmed in the last three years pick up the phone and call a provider.
  5. You want your trees to look better, enhance the curb appeal and increase the value of your property.

Here’s What You Need to Know to Hire a Good Contractor that Will get the Job Done

The truth is that it’s not that hard to find a company that would do a great job and below is all you need to know and do avoid the lemons out there.

To find a reputable provider ask the following questions when interviewing them:

  1. Can you show me proof of business insurance?
  2. Can you show me a list of past clients that I could call for references?
  3. Is your business member of any trade associations and if so which ones?
  4. Do you provide detailed estimates in writing?
  5. Who’s responsible for damages to my property that might occur (if any)?
  6. How much time will you need to complete the project?

After talking with a few trimmers, you will be able to tell the good ones from the not so good ones. However, interviewing them will take time and some people just don’t like talking on the phone making the process of choosing a good service provider even more challenging.

Here’s How to Save Yourself Time and Aggravation

Instead of spending hours looking for a tree service company in Costa Mesa CA to do your tree trimming you could call us instead. Here are a few good reasons to do so:

  • We are local, family-owned business, not part of a franchise. That means that we don’t have a big name to hide behind and to survive and thrive we need to exceed clients expectations each and every time
  • We provide free estimates over the phone to give you an idea of how much the job will cost. Keep in mind that even though the estimate is given by an experienced tree care specialist it’s just our best guess.
  • We provide free on-site estimates. If you decide that our initial over the phone estimate sounded reasonable, we would visit the job site in order to give you a FREE detailed estimate in writing.
  • We would get the job done right the first time

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