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Best Time for Tree Trimming

13 Dec

Best Time for Tree Trimming

Months will pass by with branches and limbs of trees that are bare. But then spring approaches with tones that are bright and rich. Yes, spring is truly a welcome time after much bareness of winter.

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When spring is coming alive, this is the crucial time that you should take care to ensure that the trees on your property possess a base that is healthy. If you know when it is the right time to engage in trimming your trees, this will allow them to enjoy good health for a long time. In addition, this will enable them to enjoy a prosperous season of growth that is magnificently robust.

The best time for tree trimming

It is inevitable that from the period of the leaves changing to lustrous colors in the autumn season to the blooming of gorgeous flowers in the spring season, it is imperative to conduct some much-needed tree trimming. The general consensus among the professionals is that from the late part of the fall season to the early part of the spring season constitutes the proper time for engaging in pruning or trimming your trees.

You can greatly benefit if you take some time to contact a top-quality arborist in your area regarding trimming your trees prior to the emergence of the blooms of spring. In general, the cycle of pruning your trees is considered to be about a span of three to five years. However, the type of tree, the size of the tree and the health of the tree all do contribute to the cycle of pruning that will be the best suited for the particular tree.

The reason why the late part of the fall to the early part of spring is the best time

During the periods of the fall season and the winter season, trees are considered to be in the dormant phase. It is during this time that their growth cycle comes to a halt. Thus, an ideal situation is created to allow you to conduct your pruning as a result of the inactivity of the growth cycle of the trees and the drop in temperature of these seasons. The downside to trimming your trees following the appearance of new growth is that this can have the tendency to produce limitations in how much your plants and trees will bloom for the remainder of that particular year.

Arborists can more easily access trees when the ground is firmer in the winter months. Since the canopy of the tree is bare at this time, this makes it easier to view the branches and to prune the exact part that needs to be addressed.

Benefits of trimming in later part of the fall season or during the winter season

When trees are pruned during the dormant phase, this enhances the health of the trees at the current time and also empowers the better growth of the trees in the future. In addition, it is realized that when trees are pruned during the dormancy cycle, this allows for the saving of both money and time due to the fact that pruning is a good form of disease management for your trees.

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